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This website was created in 2004.
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Latest update on our site was done January 12, 2019.
Created banner on March 5, 2017
Due to a horrible event at the home of Al Matrone,
the owner of Geometric Design, all production of casting
of any of the figures, busts, micro, and accessories are
being put to a halt.
Last week I found out that Al's home and workshop,
attached to his home burned down to the ground.  The
insurance company has already declared it a total loss,
and building of a new structure for his family and a new
workshop is in play.  Unfortunately, all of his comics,
casts, and molds may have to be redone,
he is going to see what can be salvaged.
I am helping him with the
restoration of his products.

As per myself,
my studio, it has been out of commission
since January 2018.
Due to a move of myself from New York to
Pennsylvania.  Now I have a 3 story barn.
The first floor, a complete wood shop.
Second floor will be an art studio
and a office to sell products from and shipping.
Third floor, all inventory
of all the products I sell.
This will mean me, getting the unfinished kits from my
inventor and shipping it out immediately.
Of course, painted products will be quoted at the time of
the sale.  Construction will beginning first of Spring.

If you'd like to contact him, email me, and I'll hook you
up with him.

As per this site selling Geo products,
hopefully sometime in winter of 2019.
My services for painting and or creating
diorama's, I hope having my studio
complete by summers end.

Just email me and we can chat about your project.

Thanks for your interest.
the mad monster maker