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and a watcher
the mad monster maker
October 29, 2011

Poem created
October 26, 2011
Our poem is called
Underneath a moonlit sky,

shined bright lit stars for passerby.

Hear howl, hear roars, hear “Click. Click. Click.”

from creatures hid by trees and sticks.

Inquisitive our hairy beast,

upon a scene his eyes would feast.

Bold aliens with spittle yawned mouth,

faced predators come long from south.

Our watcher, watched behind a tree,

sees creatures, aliens and thing that be.

With curiosity heightened full,

this beastie Wolfman felt the pull.

Of smell in nostrils, most broad and perk,

what goes on here drives him berserk.

With senses sharp and thoughts on fire,

Would he dare leap to see from higher.

But wiser self held him in place,

Stood back, through leaves and did not pace.

From side to side, nor up, nor down,

stock still he stood and gave no frown.

But growled to self, what could he do,

with claws seen here, would not pursue.

As prey by him they would not be,

such mouths, such teeth, that he doth see.

These monstrous creatures of far beyond,

were strangers yes, wish they were gone.

For while they’re here they interrupt,

what could he do to fill his cup.

A cup of blood filled to the brim,

from open veins his mouth did grin.

The thought of this brings total lust,

this be his moment, this be his must.

But this true moment and this true lust,

is squelched  and squashed, he does not trust.

That he will gain some upper ground,

that he be monster and he be sound.

His howl, dark night, brought no one fear,

anode complete by creatures here.

That spit and thrust, with lance and teeth,

and bleed green/red from underneath.

Write verse, write words, write on dear sir,

of he, of them, I do concur.

One interrupted moon and night,

he’ll watch from distance, not join this fight.

For if he does, he’ll surely die,

and not for reasons worth a cry.

He’ll linger longer, but not to long,

and stager backward, moan out a song.

So long to moments that should not be,

goodbye, he’ll go beyond this tree.

In morning light become a man,

no memory where he did stand.

Behind a tree and witnessed all,

of monsters short and monsters tall.

Who cut each other from head to toe,

and knew the other as their foe.

Of darkest night and shadowed tree,

be ever careful of the things you see.

Cause Wolfman saw, though never tell,

of Aliens and Predators Hell.

Upon this Earth these creatures came,

and fought and lost to games insane.

For who should fight in darkest trees,

behold their death upon their knees.

And now our tale is to its end,

in pain, in gore these things won’t mend.

Nor leave the scar of battles won,

for these herewith there is no sun.

Let interrupted moonlit sky,

shine on of witness as they die.

For creatures, monsters blood red/green,

the sky above no memories seen.
I began work on this diorama in 2004 and finally
completed two days ago.  This piece was done in
hope, that this would have been a winning piece at
the Chiller Theater show, at the Hilton Hotel comes
Saturday evening.  But God had different plans for
my work and it will never make it to that show.  The
ticket was bought, the map directions was done,
and my intent was complete.  I planned, as I always have, on taking pictures of all the
entry work, in that contest.  
I was ready.  But ... First things first, and my dog got very
sick, being a diabetic, and needed attention only I could give her.  It was the last minute
problem and I had no way to make alternate plans.  To appease myself I put together this
page, that was meant to be done up on Sunday, and not here now.  It was meant be done
after the show, after contest played out and winners were chosen.  I was sure it was to be
a winner.  Maybe not the Grand Poobah award, but something of merit.  I pulled out all
the stops on this one.  With poem, the lights built into the lid, completed inside and out.  

My intent ... To draw, you the watchers, into the piece with a sign I had made, that was to
sit in the front of the diorama, which read,
"Check inside ... Experience the Moon."
When the viewer looked inside they would be drawn to the interior of the diorama, its
back lit sky, where the stars shined and the moon glowed down upon the scene, in the
nights dark forest below.  Where two sets of creatures faced off and a watcher watched.  
I also made back lit sign, which was built into the lid of the diorama.

Now the diorama is finished ... Inside and out; front and back; and remains, in my mind,
an achievement I'm proud to call my own.  I hope you enjoy the pictures I've taken from
every angle imaginable.  I've been sitting on this project since 2004 and now ...

Now ... I'm onto other projects.  Projects I can also tuck under my belt and hope
someday to enter into other contests to be judged.  I look forward to tomorrows and
todays achievement herewith.

Enjoy ... And Enjoy.
Evil in the woods
Dark intent
Stream of bad intent
Dark is the moment
I've come for you
What evil does he see.
Glistening terror
Underneath the moonlit sky
Howl monster howl
And cry for more
One to one
The watcher
Two for the fight
They make their stand
And so he watched
Lurking beyond a tree
And the moon saw it all
An alien moon
And watched
Watch out rats,
that blood, those guts
will be the death of you.
And the Wolfman watched it all
Here is the full    

36" x 12" x 18"
Underneath a starry night
To the end
Anyone wishing to see production pictures you can click here
and see it from it's inception as a PS composition many years ago.

Click on image here for larger view of
the alien before it was set into the diorama
Past the drama. See it as it is.
Here's one Predator.
A casualty of war.
Here is a side view                        
of the full diorama.              
   Here is the other side
of the full diorama.