This is a Geometric Design model bust, sculpted by Joe
Simon and done in 1/4 scale.  
Geometric Design Models, busts,
diorama's, micro models and accessories are truly some of the best
sculptures and designs in the business today.  I have many of them and I
plan on eventually plan on getting them all, painting them up and having
each with pages of their own, also for sale, on the
"for sales page" on this

When I first saw the bust on the Geometric Design site I was floored.  I
just had to have it.  Although, I liked the paint up on the Geo site, I felt,
without a doubt, I'd be able to bring my own brand of color to this
wonderful bust.  Al at Geo promises me that a base for this bust is on it's
way to completion and production for the model.  I can't wait to get my
hands on it, so I can add it to the model here with.

Below, you can see many shots I took of the bust, showing it in a 360
degree perspective.  Isn't she a beauty.  I've picked up allot of what goes
into shading and coloring from careful observation of many of the artists
at the
ClubHouse Modeling Group.  That's a wonderful place to be.  
Working along side of other artists, who love sharing their secrets and
discoveries.  I can see how far my art has come over the years of working
in paint and design.  It's with great joy I bring you this my latest piece.

Amy from the movie
Fright Night.
Fright Night
Page was
created on
August 9th,
Page was
April 5th, 2011.
Now check out the new paint up for Amy.
Here I decided to come as close as posible
to the original movie make up.
I hope you enjoyed Amy.

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Enjoyed my paint up.  

This bust can be purchased,
painted or unpainted
on my sales page.