and the
This Box Cover is all I could find from the flick.  It doesn't mean
there isn't more out there, it just means this is it for me.  The rest I
left up to my imagination.

This is a new model bust with base produced by Geometric Design.  
It was asked of me to paint it up, and hopefully will be used as the
cover art for the model itself and shown on their website as being
painted by the mad monster maker.

I hope you enjoy what I've done.

Painting was completed on October 6th, 2009.

The page was created for the bust with base on October 8th, 2009.
Again, I hope you enjoy what I've done.  I love close ups.  I feel if a
model can't be shot real close up it should be shown at all.

I really had a blast doing it and love the idea that I have another one
of these bust waiting in the wings primed and ready for painting too.  
This one I shipped off to Al at Pheonix Comics to add to his
collection of painted models.  

Right now I'm painting up another bust with base.  Harryhausen's
Kranken monster from one of his flicks.  One of the Sinbad flicks I
think, I'll have to look it up and find out for sure.  I'll be adding this
to my site for purchase and painting, either way is fine with me.

I think it's a great addition to the already fine line of artwork offered
by Geometric Design.  Any comments are welcome and appreciated
to my email:

Until our next adventure in modeling a painting.

me  the mad monster maker.
the mad monster maker
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Sculpted by Dan Dhristlieb                  1/4 Scale                     Painted by the mad monster maker
Page design
October 8th, 2009
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