Added 5/22 /15
Like other Hellish creations from the mind of Clive Barker, this creature wields pain, like the others of his kind.  
His pushing terror upon a screen, as his victims squirm, he's focusing eerily in and out with his lens, till his
morbid point of pain was ill taken.  

Below is a piece sculpted masterfully in a telling pose.  In this sculpt, the full figure and its base stand close to
16" tall.  Take close look, as my own camera captures what I did with my palette.  I decided to veer some what
away from the cinematic character of the screen, and dirtied up his flesh tones, making him grittier than done
in the movie.  For me, it's a solidly more effective piece of art.  

I hope you agree ...

Here is my paint-up ...
Until our next excursion into madness and mayhem . . .

Sleep tight tonight and don't let the bed bugs bite . . .

Mawahahahahahahahahahahah . . .

the mad monster maker