Chiller Theater Expo
Scully's Masterpiece for the day
Three from our contest
Four from our contest
A Ghoul
from our contest
A kids model
from our contest
from our contest
A Giant Godzila
from our contest
A Monster in the lab
from our contest
A original sculpture
from our contest
A Monkey warrior
from our contest
A Scratch built Ork
from our contest
The Birds (Hitchcock)
from our contest
Notice Hitchcock  in the painting
on the wall!
A Professional Bust
from our contest
The Terminator
from our contest
Two from the show
The Penguin
and a creature from some puppet movie???
Now wait its on the tip of my tongue!
from our contestssssss
The Guards
Hope you
enjoyed my
a Vendor of Kiddie Dolls
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another Vendor
At the Sheraton Hotel across the street from the Stadium in Jersey!
Finally I can use a typeface other than Comic Sans MS.   Since this page is
really an add on and not part of rest of my site.   I've even stolen the
background and music from my
Saucermen page, which by the way won
second place at the show, in the
Sci Fi figure category.  Thanks for picking
me, it's my first win, and that means allot.   Really I was disappointed
because I was hoping to be acknowledged for my original work with the
Cyclops model, but only Scully from the Clubhouse noticed it at all.  Thanks
  Scully's work was brilliant and beautiful, taking the classic
Frankenstein movie and building a scene from his head, which would have fit
so well with the original flick.   It won three awards,two in first place,   Scully
called it,
" Trapped at the Mill". Scully also won the award of Grand Poobah,
knowing him, the little I do, the man is well worth it by far.   
Now back to
 One of the fellows, running the contest, later came to me and told me
that I shouldn't only use gloss paint on my models.  That using flat and gloss
where necessary would give a more natural look to the piece.  Great
observation, exactly why I came!  My other disappointment with the contest,
beside from, no one noticing my
Cyclops, was the poor turn out of modelers
and their models at the contest itself.  Only about thirty models in all.   Still it
was good to see all the work that was their!  The professional work was
really up their and awe inspiring in every way.   The kids work was true to
heart and all the kids who did enter were awarded a certificate of praise!   
Everyone was friendly, non competitive and appreciative to be their.   For
that I'm grateful that I came!
On the Expo itself, it was an outrageous show, as well it should be.   I spent
most of my shots shooting the models at our contest and ran out of disk
space on my camera as soon as I decided to take pictures of the people
themselves.   Everyone seemed very comfortable in their own skin.   Which
in turn made me feel comfortable in mine!  They tell me the show to see is
the Expo at
Halloween!  I believe that to be truth!   I hope to work on my own
models and by then have some new pieces that will really be more
appreciated in the judges eyes.  I love a challenge!   The vendors were
pleasant and easy to bargain with, and the people were not pushy or nasty in
any way, not like the usual N Y street fair.   
I think by now you all get the just of the Expo.   If you've never gone you
should treat yourself to one sometime, because until you've experience it
yourself, you don't know what your missing! Oh, and your can get an
autograph from a star, like I did from
Soupy Sales!   And running into David
in the hallway, he graciously gave me his for free!  I almost got the
signature of the midget from
Auston Powers, but the guard who was running
him to the signing tent got mad at me for chasing him down for a picture!
That's it from your roving reporter of that day.   I hope you enjoyed my
story and hope that I was detailed enough that now you know what its all
And here are the pictures . . .   
The Gollum
from our contest
A very wierd diorama shop
from our contest