Model/Diorama/Art Contest
Vendors Exposition
and stars from all walks of cinema
and the world of horror creation.
At the Hilton Hotel in Parsippany, NJ.
October 31st, 2009.
I'm not singling out any one piece of art as better than another
because frankly after you take a look at the pieces that are here
you'll soon agree that everyone entered did the best that they could
have and in my book, all are worthy of praise.

I'm proud to say that two of my pieces came up as winners, but
again, I don't think of anything I did as outclassing anyone else's.  It
was just a wonderful thing being part of the group.

I had a great day with the crowd, no one was unruly or out of place
and all of the stars were a joy to see too.  I met some great artists
and browsed through the vendors stands and goods being offered.  
I picked up two tee shirts, one of Nosfertu in black and white on a
black tee and one of a painting London after Midnight, done by
Basil Gogoz, a truly wonderful man and artist in his own right.

Now check out some of the shot I got at the Model Contest.
The Predator
The Bride of Frankenstien
The Wolfman
The Phantom  
of the Opera
Here are the six Geometric Design Busts and
bases I brought to the show with me and
entered in to the contest.  I'm happy to say, I
feel they held there own along with the other
professional paint ups in this category of
registered sellers.  For that I am grateful.  But
again, know that everyone who entered their
work into this contest proved themselves of
worthy to be praised.  
Great job everyone.

If you desire, you can check out each my
models and bases on there on page, by
clicking on the title to the left.  I've worked very
hard all year long and will continue to add
more from the Geo line of models down the
road.  Probably bring another batch to next
years show.  You gotta know I will.

None of these were winners but that's OK, I
just loved bringing them there for the ride.
Mr. Hyde
And here's what I've been working on
since last year and wasn't even sure I
was going to bring along with me to the
show.  This piece has evolved from so
many stages, with 3 different
backgrounds and foliage in, than out,
then back again, as you see it.

I'm so very glad I did bring it with me
because it won me the grand Poobah
award of excellence and frankly, I was
so stunned when they called out the
name of the diorama, I kept looking
around the room saying to myself,
"OK, who does it belong to ... Well
stand up already."  Then it sunk in, it
was me!  Yes, yes, yes it was me.

No doubt, it was a great feeling and
everyone was really kind and genuine
to me, as they were trying to take the
winnings from my hand, "No shake my
hand, not take the winnings!" ...
Ah, only kidding.  lol

If you'd like to see the entire series of
pictures I've taken from every angle
and close-ups imaginable, you can
click on the image to your right.
And here's a blurry picture of our Judges.  I'm sorry, but I shot the picture from a distance,
with a telephoto, that just didn't telephoto correctly.  ARGGGGG on that.  But you should
know, that these guys are a good humored, gracious and insink bunch of fellas that made
every second of our journey throughout the day a worthy experience and full of joy.  
Without a doubt, everyone should come again next year, bringing all their talents and
abilities.  None will be taken for granted and all will enjoy, I guaranty you that.
And for those who are thinking of coming, please make it a reality by getting off your butts
and coming out with all you can muster.  I traveled from New York City and coming by
myself, it wasn't the easiest of journey's.  But I'm glad I did, and will do it again for sure.

Now let's hear a big round of applause for all who attended.
   To the painters and people who love to draw, like me,
congratulations on the art that was shown.  It showed a
creative side to the individual that was wonderful to see.  
   I myself entered 3 drawings, so going up against
incredible paintings and the like, wasn't an easy thing to
realize.  The work shown was unique and powerful
enough to hold an audiences attention for more than a
glance, I observed and I saw.  
   Art is purely a subjective matter, I've seen many forms
of art over the years and I've wondered many times,
"This is art?"  But to another looking on, there was joy in
their eye, so who am I to say what is valid and what is
   One of my drawings came in third place and for that I
am honored and pleased.  But again, my main goal, is
that I showed my work along side others who consider
themselves unique and as artists in their own right.  
Thanks to all that brought there stuff, I look forward to
doing this all again next year.
Now let's take a peak at
some of the vendors and
their goods who were at
the show.
Living Dead
Rag Dolls.
"Mommy I
want one for
I almost forgot this wonderful group of
people, who gave out models to the
youngin's and helped them assemble
them.  It was a joy to behold.  

So ... Future model builders of the world,
know that this is the place to be, so plan
on it next time 'round.  It's good to be
part of the plan.
Now take a peak at some
of the superstars that
came to autograph our
Come on everybody remembers Bowzer.  Humm ... Or was that Bozo.
Now her I'll pay for an autograph!!!
Just can't recognize
her without
her Exorcist
make-up on.
Now here's a cool dude.
Basil Gogas.

One of my favorite painter's of
horror classics.

And I was afraid he wouldn't show.  
This time I bought one of his tee shirts,
London After Midnight ... I thing I said
that above.  No matter he's worth
saying twice on the same page.  
Meeting him ... This was worth the
price of admission.
Oh yeah, and I when I say him I said to myself ...
Whose that guy with the gray make-up on.  Then
I remembered I just some zombie movie on the
tele last night.  He looks dead!  Tele???  
Dead????  Could it be ... He's

Oh man, has this guy changed or
what.  Don't think I'd ever recognize
this fella anywhere make-up or not.  
Wait a minute,  Wasn't he the waiter
at the wedding the other day, nope,
maybe the bartender, nope, ahhhh,
bookie???  Maybe, in another life.  lol

OK< OK< OK so he was the zombie
from Night of the living dead.  I shook
his hand and said "Hello" and then
said, "Man you look great for a dead
guy."  Then he shooeed me away
when I said I didn't want his
autograph.  lol
Now it's time for all
that is left.  
How'd I do?  
Enough pictures, not till we show a
picture of the
main man himself.  
Why the greatest
Cool ghoul of all time.
And what is left is the wonderful world of
Like ...
Barbara Feldman got smart and got
out of the business.
That's really his girl
friend and she really
can do that with her
tongue.  So he said.

Until next year everyone.  Happy haunting.

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