Classic Horror
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Nosferatu Bust
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Christopher Lee
Dracula Bust
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Phantom of the
Opera Bust
and base.
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The Son of
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Production Pictures for
The Son of Frankenstien
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Creature from the
Black Lagoon
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Making of the  
Creatures Diorama
the mad monster maker
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The Huntchback
of Notre Dame
Completed 4/19/04
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The Bride of
Page created 8/31/09
The Wolfman
bust and base
Completed 9/25/09
London after
bust and base
Completed 5/28/10
Mr. Hyde
bust and base
Completed 9/07/09
Completed May 2013
(full figure with base)
Completed October 2013
Son of
Completed October 2013
Winner - - - 1st Place
Sratch-built Diorama.
Chiller Theater 2013.
Winner - - - Peoples Best of Show
Sratch-built Diorama. Chiller
Theater 2013.
Jack the Ripper
Scratch Built Diorama
Added October 2013.
Creature from the
Black Lagoon
bust and base
Completed March 2010
Creature Walks
Among Us
bust and base
Completed February 2014