Clay Guy Creations +
the Mad Monster Maker Paint-ups =
Great fun
Painted sculpt
December 2013.
I recently saw this gentleman's work at the
Chiller Theater Show in New Jersey, 2013.
I immediately took a shine to his style
and light hearted form of sculpting.
I think he does a great job at capturing the
essence of each character he sculps.

Below you can view some of the pieces
I chose as gifts for friends and loved ones this
past Christmas.  I had a great time painting
them and decided to create a page of its
very own on my website for this body of work.

I'm sure I'll be adding other pieces from the
large assortment of sculpts, on his site.

All sculpts are approxinately 5" high.

Just for the fun of it,
why not check out his work at
On his site you will find many of your favorite
characters from Movies, TV and Books.
Pennywise the Clown
from the movie and book - It
ten by Stephen King
Sculpt painted
January 2014
from the movie
Army of Darkness
Sculpt painted
January 2014
Painted sculpt
December 2013.
Christopher Lee
from the movie
Look into my eyes.
The Crypt Keeper
from the HBO series
Tales from the Crypt
Now kiddies, wasn't that just grand monster fun.
Let's do it again real soon
with the mad monster maker and you.

Can't wait ... Then go to the madman's
and continue with the ghoulish guilty pleasures
that surely are found throughout this site.

But if you go, make sure you come back.
I can promise this madman is already
cooking up his own brand of horror
for all you good little ghouls and boys.
the mad monster maker
Page created January 4th, 2014.

Update on this page February 2nd, 2014.
Come see
Killer Klown from Outer Space
on its very own page.
Sculpt painted January 2014