Colossus of New York
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A 1958, "Attack of the
B Rated" not so
masterpiece flicks ...

With its glowing eyes
that shot out rays that
immobilized mortal
man and pulsing head
that well . . . Pulsed ,,,
What else shot a big
head do ... This robot
monster was an eerie
site for even little ol'
me, my goodness.

Thanks to sculptor
Dan Christleib, this
strange being is being
brought back as one
cool resin model to
paint up.
I followed the poster
art for my
color pallet
and let the rest ride on
my own good
judgement ... Or let's
say, as well as can be
expected using this
strange subject matter,
on hand.  I did have fun
with the paint up and
also created one photo
composition, designing
it with the clips of the
movie I could stand
watching ... God some
of the flicks back then
were real ...
Well  you know.

Thanks Dan for
bringing this
monster back to life.
Even in Spanish "Il Colosso di New York"
strikes fear in my simpleton heart!
With amazing special effect!
What fool would dare to watch it alone!
And with amazing poster art like this
who would dare to watch it at all?!?
"OK ... Where's that poster designer,
I want to shoot him dead, right now!"

No one could figure out whether the
cloak that he wore was
green or red!
That's a toughie for sure.
In the colorized version of this flick
the cloak was definitely
"Easy ... Just fire the designer who
made the poster art cloak in red!"
Now for some good old fashion New York fun!
Here's the model in my studio, unpainted ...
Green cloak or red ... Don't worry monster
movie lovers I staid true to our cause and
worked with the colorized version of the flick
shown above ... If I ever paint another of
these beauties for someone I convince them
that going
gray scale is the best choice of all.
Here is my composition of the Colossus of NY.
And in the original in B&W ... No remakes please.
This wonderful sculpt is on sale in our Full
Figure models section on this web and is
produced by
Geometric Design.
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