Conan the Barbarian
Page created April 23, 2014.
I was commissioned to paint-up these 2 wonderful sculpts from a fella out in California.  
He also asked if I could make Conan and the girl look battle worn, adding scars and some
open wounds, with blood.  I also added additional blood on the sword.

Each piece stands some 16 inches in overall height, making these 2 pieces some of the
largest full figure pieces I've ever worked on.  The castings were clean and the joinery spot
on.  I'm always grateful when a commission comes along that's out of the territory I'm used
to working on.  

My skills lie in brush and paint.  I choose not to work in air brush, only using spray for the
primer and an overall base coat.  I paint with Testors oil base paints and finish each piece
with an overall dull coat varnish and gloss varnish in selected area's that should look wet.

I also built a wooden base to display both pieces.  (Pictures to come).  
Conan's rage over the death of the girl.
Detail of base without Conan.
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