Added December 28th, 2011
Here is one of the most interesting pieces I've ever had the privilege to work on.  It's a bust and
base, produced by the Creature Lab people.  Sculpted by Javier Tejedor and only stands at an
overall height of 7 inches tall.  A bit of me said, Gosh I love the detail that has gone into this
little sculpt, I wish it was 3 times the size, man would I love digging into that baby.

I hope you enjoy the work I did on this version.  I say version because the gentleman at
Creature Lab was gracious enough to send me another of the same sculpt, one he was about to
toss away, because it had imperfections in it.  Which set my wheels in motion.  You know me,
open the door to creative license and I'm off an running.  There are so many alternate color
schemes that can flow through this creature.  How about a
multi-colored being, or a rainbow
effects surging through his bod'.  

Here I wanted to express the human element.  So I chose our own blood red as the basis to
bring him to life.  I found that this colour format for this paint up brought this alien to life in a
most dramatic way.  Remember he's a creature similar to the Star Teck Borge creatures,
connected with tubes feeding life into to his body.  A most disturbing idea.

I hope you agree.
Now with a bit of
imagination and a desire to
bring our creature into an
new alien environment ...

See what I've come up with
Into the Night.
In the dark of the Woods
the mad monster maker
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