Jeepers Creepers
Come on all you die hard horror fans.  We know this guy is on
your top 10 list for most gruesome and coolest of evil villains.  He's
got wings that flap like a bats and a face that opens like an umbrella,
with tissue in it like black and red skin that defies description.  Oh yeah,
he's one of the coolest of the ghouls, for sure.

Below are some shots from the flicks one and two.  I believe there will be part three coming out sometime this year and in 3D.  I'll have to
check my stats on that and get back to you.  

For me, he's an evil that no one has ever dealt with and won.  All they are doing is putting off the inevitable.  That being waiting another 7
years to come 'round so he can come out of his cocoon state and devour whomever he wishes.  Ah, let's correct that, he devours whatever
body part he's in need of at that moment ... Head, tongue, eyes, nose ... It's munch out time for our villain and he's ravenous.
  Here's a picture of his truck.  The
one the Creeper used in the first movie
to crash or let's say
smash into the
poor teenagers car.
Here's a shot of the Creeper, just
hanging around till his 23rd season,
lying in wait.  Gosh that's a long time to
go between feedings.  He really must
have a slow digestive tract.  No wonder
he's so ravenous when his din din bell
  I must say, the special effects make-up aint all what
I'd call, top notch and I'd truly like to understand what
goes on in his lair of his.  There are so many holes in
this story ... Like where does this creature come from,
whether it's a demon or devil, or once was human, no
answers given at all.  
  And then what about his homestead with hundreds
of bodies impaled on the ceiling, like the Sistine
Chapels paintings, hung as art.  Here's the only close
up of two bodies, from the high school, sown
together?  It's so vague, like so many grade B horror
flicks of the '50's.  Cool monster, thin plot, if any.
I watched the out-takes from the flick and what they
left out, in some cases, was better than what they left
in?  Here's a picture that never made it into any flick.
Looks way cool to me.  Is that some zombie girlfriend
he's got there or what?
Umbrella head ... Looks
something like one of the
creatures from the old Outer
Limits black and white series.

Very effective horror.
Something like a Venus Fly
Trap opening for its prey.
I liked the black ominous shadowy creature shown in some of
the shots of the flick.  That and the obvious vanes running
throughout his wings.  And the immeasurable strength of the
beast.  Love when he was pulling on the cable that was run
right through him and he cut the bus right in half with a yank.

Well that's it.  Maybe if they do another re-make,
Francis Ford Cappola will use some of my suggestions.

I really want to know the purpose of that shop of horrors he's
got.  Just what is this creature doing with all of those bodies
sown together?  Is he making a quilt or something?
Jeepers Creepers Creature.
Sculpted by Joe Simon.  1/4 scale.  
For the Geometric Design line of models.
Page design completed on May 17th, 2011.
  I veered off the colour scheme
of the movie creature, opting for
green and complementary
colour of reds.  Now that's my
kind of horror.  Artistic license
you know.

  Although, I understand the
insect like glossy slimy wet black
look they achieved in the flick, I
do like mine better.
And the hat ... Just a tilt of the
hat and you've given the
creature the look of a
"Parla vous Francais?"
lol ... You godda love me ...
I just couldn't resist.
  Or shot from above ...
"Come on punk ... This is a 357
Magnum ... The most powerful
gun on the planet."  "Now ask
yourself.  Did he shoot 5 shots or
6."  "Do you feel lucky?" ...
"Well do ya punk?"  "Come on.  
Make my day."
Or ...
"Howdy pardner.  Wanna get down off my horse."

Hat's are such an expressive vehicle to design ones own
character and personality.  That's why I love to wear them,
Now let's get back to the essence of the beast.

I think he's a real masterpiece in design.  Especially those
true blue eyes.
What's with that stringy lock of hair.
Makes "Not a fig." to me.
Oh well, "That's just me, I guess."
I just loved Dirty harry.  

Our Creeper is no Dirty Harry, but he's still cool.
if he winks at you,
you most likely will
end up on his
dinner plate.
the mad monster maker
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  If John Wayne knew that this Creeper
Creature stole his hat, he'd be turning in
his grave.  Or galloping from off set to
steal it back.
Umbrella head ... Looks
something like one of the
creatures from the old Outer
Limits black and white series.

Very effective horror.
Something like a Venus Fly
Trap opening for its prey.
      It's 2015, some 4 1/2 years after
painting this piece.  Now I was
commissioned to make a scratch-built base
for this bust.  Still lovin' this busr, I took
elements from throughout my shop and
came up with an interpretation for this bust.
Here's some shots with the base that
Geometric Design produced for this bust.
Here's a simple
I did with the fiend.

I called it ...
"Demon of the Night."
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November 26, 2015