Stars: David Hedison, Patricia Owens, Vincent
Price, Herbert Marshall, Kathleen Freeman
Directors: Kurt Neumann

Theatrical Release Date: July 16th, 1958

Synopsis: This is the original version of a scientist
experimenting with matter transference accidentally
exchanging one arm and his head with that of a fly
which was in the transfer chamber.
The Fly
OK ... So it's another movie that really belongs in the Rotten Tomatoes category of quality entertainment.  But
I'm glad it was made, for without it there would have been no Geometric Design bust and base, sculpted by Joe
Simon to paint up, as I did.

Below are some note about the flick itself.  And a shot of the box set that can be purchased, if you so desire,
somewhere on the net.

The rest of the page is dedicated to the paint up I did of the bust and base.  I hope you enjoy.
Page created on
January 15th, 2011.
There's buzzing in my head.

Or is that sound coming from somewhere
else undisclosed as of yet.

Where ever, what ever it is, it's no pleasing
sound, not in part and surely not in whole.

I fear it's from some creature that might
bump into me, not knowing it has from its
big eyed perspective.  

Its common sight sends hysteria
serging through my bod'.
"Uck" goes the thought and
"Ick" fears my heart.

Creep creature to and fro, I dare not
cross thy path.  Deadly silence comes
here, comes there, only broken when the
madness of the wings flutter in the air.

Swat the creature, if you could,
but most times it out maneuvers
your most fervent attempt
at deleting it from existence.

How could our God create
such as this, surely I would not.
But then again, I am not God,
in all His sure wisdom and choice.
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the mad monster maker
Hoping you enjoyed this project.

Truly, I'm surprised it made it on my tables work path.

The next time a buzzing creature flits your way, think of my work and the close detail I
paid to all of the characteristics of the beast.

Have a swatter?

Smash it down, as I would.

This creatures favorite pass time ... Eating what's scoop up from my pooch.  

Now who wants that landing on them or anywhere in sight.

That's a shitty idea if I ever heard one.


Have a lovely day everyone.