The Devil. Tim Curry played the part. When I saw this flick, I said
to myself, "
Amazing!  Now that's a demon I won't easily forget.", a far
cry from his role in The Rocky Horror Show.  I also loved the voice they
used as the demons voice.  I'm sure you guys can get your girlfriends to
see this flick, just tell them that Tom Cruz plays the leading role as the
good guy.

This is a
Geometric Design model bust, sculpted by Joe
Simon and done in 1/4 scale.  Geometric Design models, busts, diorama's
and micro models are truly inspiring.  I have so many of them and I
always look forward to any new one that comes out to simulate my taste
Hope you do too.

A Composed Photshop background.  I did
some investigation on the web and picked up images I thought would be
appropriate for this composition. I used backdrop of some firery cave
dwelling, I think it worked
well here, lending and
adding to the mood of the
piece.  As you can see, one
of my favorite things to do
is coming up with a title
for the composition.  This
was so simple to name. I
called it:
Legend Bust
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the mad monster maker
Below you can see some pictures of the model
on its stand alone base.  Recently, I sold this
piece to another artist.  He said he was
going to place it in his collectors case along with
other artists work.  I'm proud to have my work
sitting along side of other people of note.  It's a
privilege to be in someone's private collection.
If you enjoyed what I'm doing.
Please come and sign my