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February 8th, 2014
This is 3rd installment in the Creature from the Black Lagoon series
and by my point of view the saddest of the lot.  For there is nothing for the Creature to
fall back on, for comfort in his own terrain.  Burned beyond repair, he cannot return to
his native hunting grounds within the sea and its inhabitants.  The place he called
home, is now alien to him ... He is without hope or previous cunning accumulated and
handed down over the eons of years gone by.  Now there is only one direction to be
to walk among man.

This is a tribute bust sculpted by Casey Love for Geometric Design.
The base is sculpted by Joe Simon.
It is 1/4 scale, in resin and painted by myself.

The base is an add-on base, created some time later for this Geometric piece.
Below you can see stills from the 1956 Black & White classic'
The Creature Walks Among Us.
Since it was a black and white flick' the coloring of the creature was totally left up to
the discretion of the painter, I chose to stay within the same guidelines that other
painter have done in the past.
Finally, I ... Feeling for the loneliness of this creature, I created a few
photo compositions with that same haunting element of his emptiness of heart ...
There I can relate.
Here are some movie posters from that era.  
Here are some movie stills.  
Before ... He was always getting a girl ... A regular stud, yes he was.

And then ,,.
And then the fire ...

And then with no place to turn his gloom turned to doom.

And everyone knew this would be the very last tale in this saga.
For now ... The Creature Walks Among Us.
And finally, he
takes to the sea
never to be seen
again ...
Now see the sculptors take on this creature and my paint-up.
Here are some titled photo compositions.
city blues
for home
not a
forest creature
Maybe because I can so easily relate
this piece is a bit more personal that others done.

For me, it wasn't difficult to delve into the mindset
behind these aching eyes.

. . .

This piece is also up for sale in my sales catalog on this site.
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