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Page design
created on
February 23rd, 2012
Original creation
of this diorama
done in 2003.
After some 9 years,
I finally found the time
to revise
the color theme
and photo
compositions on this
The only thing saved
from the original page
was the opening roar.
These models are produced from the Geometric Design line of models using alternate arms and legs.
This is a Ray Harryhausen creation used in the Sinbad the Sailor series of movies.
Below is a shot from one of those flicks, "The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad."
Different angle shots of the entire diorama.
Whole diorama is 14" long x 8" wide x 14" high.
Details of the carnage lying below the monsters.
Some great shots.
I love to make those photo compositions
and then add titles for each piece.  Maybe
someday soon, I'll write a story for the
whole collection of compositions.
A beast by the water.
Makes no matter whether
it's night or it is day ...
A fight is gonna happen.
Blue  moon creature.
Dark and in the night.
Carnage by the sea.
Churning waters, churning sky.
Night terror.
The rock beast.
One rocky morning.
A fight in the night.
I hope you enjoyed my current endeavor.
I don't know if Ray Harryhausen would approved of all the carnage, blood and guts,
I used throughout this piece.  But I thought it's relevant and current,
so why not indulge our senses (After all this is all about horror.)
and cast a most dramatic light on this piece.