Added May 24, 2014
With a wingspan of over 16" this piece is a most impressive piece of art.  
This is a sculpt by Jorge Blanco and can be gotten through the web site
Phoenix Comics.  This dragon is a gift to my son, Richard, he chose the
color pallet from another piece that impressed him (that is it on our right)
... I was delighted to oblige his taste for color and this is how it came.  
After this piece was finished, it led me in the direction of creating a
number of photo composition, one of my favorite things to do.

Below, are first, the pictures of the model silo'd and camera shots taken from different views, and
second, put into photo compositions inspired by the piece.  I've also included titles appropriate in
my mind, for each piece composed.

After you've viewed these pictures, come and take a look at the work from another budding artist.  
My son Rick, for some months now has been enjoying a new view on life.  Through the eyes of a
camera lens he's discovered "ART", at first I thought it was only a whim, but as time past, and I
saw his passion, mount, grow and bloom into a view on life seen through his own minds eye, I'm
delighted to show off a group of pictures I chose, from his catalog of shots on Facebook.  

I hope you enjoy both my page and art, and his too.
Compositions with titles
in the woods
Night's Flight.
Under a
moon lit sky.
The speed
of take off . . .
the mad monster maker
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I hope you enjoyed.
Now take a look at
Rick's Photo Page.