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There's something about drawing with a pencil that beats just about anything in my mind.   Maybe it's the tender
shaped that can be captured on the fly the appeal to me most.   Maybe it's that you can run the full spectrum of white to
black and leave nothing for the imagination to ponder on.  To me it's a clear cut medium to work with.  I guess someday
I'll go back to painting and the use of color to express what I feel inside, but for now black and white has a hold on me I
can't let go of.  I hope you enjoy the use of cartoons to express myself.  Humor is a great part of me.  And then there's
that haunted side to my nature, also depicted in my drawings.  I love creating titles for each drawing, co come along for
ride and if your a mind to, comment too.   I love to share and interact.  For without you there would be no reason to
create one bit.
Here's a reason I needed a bunch of cartoons to be used as a teller as to what's inside the binder, on the spine of the binder.  I
do a News Letter for my company and have the needed to keep all the back issues that I create.  So I took the main character I
work with in the News Letter, whose called Homer, and put him with numbers.  Come see what I've done.  I start with the number
itself, picture a pose with the character himself and let it grow from there.
For some reason I got stuck on the
number seven and just kept creating
different poses with the guy.  Here he's
almost reminding me of Humpty
Lazy Number Ten
Lucky for Homer He's got number 11
to hold him up.
Just another six doing a
balancing act.
Below I've got a creature that evolved from the number seven.  What the heck it has to do with the number seven I
just don't know for sure.  But the sentiment of the image made me think, "I love to make and create monster
models, so why not let my drawings take me to this new realm in my creative mind.  I think a whole new series of
drawings will come from this guy.  I know it's real cause when I start drawing I completely loose track of time until its
done, sometimes hours later.  It's the same as when I model or write, or play my guitar, time is not a factor only the
mood and the expression of that mood.

This is a period of work that has been done over the last month or so.  I've been so busy with the holiday and such I
haven't had time for much else.  Since the News Letter is something I can't ever put on the side, I'm grateful for the
other directions that have come out of it.  I hope you've enjoyed it too.  Just let me know.
Created this sleepy Santa
just after the Christmas
holidays.  Somehow, unless
Santa takes some special
booster is this tired every
single day of his life.   

Ho ho ho.

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January 21st, 2009.
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August 22nd, 2009
Here's a new Homer I made on January 22nd, while at work.  It started off as the number 13 and the
hands and it grew from there.  I just keep adding paper until the full image is complete.  This ended
up as a 24" x 24" piece.  The wrinkled carpet was the last item in the piece.  In my head it was perfect
for the mood.  Opps somehow I missed number 12, guess that's another Homer coming soon.
Number 12 and number 14 were new
adventures for my mind.  Especially number 14.  
Homer turned into and old fella and then came
the bricks and child hanging fro the window
sash.  It's wonderful watching the scene develop.
added February 8th, 2009
Just having some
more fun with
those numbers.  
Here we have
number 15 on two
eggs.  Oh well,
that's artistic
license, anything
goes.  That's the
wonderful thing
about animation.  
You dream it, it
can be done.
Here's one of safety Homer's.  Every month in the
NewsLetter I get to have this character breaking the Safety
issues at the Depot.  Show by depicting what not to do.  
Here's Homer getting a paint can dumped on his head.
added February 8th, 2009
Black and White
The Clobberer
I think the Clobberer may turn into another series of cartoons.  He's going to
be kind of a Super Hero, with a right fist that can equal that of the Hulk and
a left hook that will take any villain by surprise.  He's got a stretchable neck
that can absorb any punch given by a foe.  He's quick on  his feet, only
matched ,by none other, than the SuperHero Flash himself, so catching a
villain or dodging a bullet or a knife aint no problem for this hero dude.  I
think, in this series I probably will introduce other hero characters with other
abilities, they're kindda be freaks of nature, not created in any lab, but
certainly be worthy with a spot in Rippley's Believe it or not.   I'll let the
story line of hero's, friends and villains evolve as it will.  This way, I'm not
tied down to any plot at its beginnings.  I like it.  I you follow and enjoy as
the Clobberer discovers what's in store for him.
added February 20th, 2009
I get depressed
Homer gets
The melting clock, alla
Salvatore Dali and the
drooping plant and the
Homer character in a
downward pose.

It's as simple as
I truly love movement
through the use of
opposing angles in a
piece and perspective
and large against
small.  Giving the
appearance of a 3
dimensional feel.

I like put elements
into the
composition that
almost take you to
a surreal dream
like state.  The
topsey turvey
clock on the wall
with the
squawking bird
taking flight in the
other direction
And the tilted
flower pot and the
wire from the
socket with a life of
its own.  As far
as Homer, well
he's a dancing
added February 23rd, 2009
Another challenge, thus another reason to make a drawing for the News Letter.  Every month I get to come up with another topic,
from a Safety perspective here at the Depot.  It's a challenge enough sometimes, just coming up with the topic.  But ... So far, for four
years running, I've kept our character Homer on the go, breaking the rules so we can learn from his "Whoop's."   As always, I try and
do it in a comical way.  Simply because most people can be reached better with a bit of humor, rather than the hum drum chatter of
some serious dude, from the sidelines, spouting all the best verbals in the world.  So there you have it.  And here we have Homer
tripping over a door that was sticking out in the isle.  Instead of taking notice of it, Homer doesn't pay attention and instead trips,
causing a chain reaction of doors to fall every which way.  Like I say, "It gave me a reason to draw."  And that's just what I like to do.
the mad monster maker
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Drawings come from my inner most thoughts.  They bring me joy and heart
felt way to express myself and for that I am always grateful.

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