Enemy Mine
Unfortunately, I'm still trying to think of something I liked about the flick.  Like I said, "Unfortunately I can't."  
But what I did like is the looks of the alien him/her self.  It seems like it's a cross gender being.  Another silly
flaw in the movie.  What a waste, two very good actors, Lou Gossitt Jr. (Academy Award winner) and
Dennis Quaid.  But neither could save this stinker of a flick.  I'm really grateful to
Geometric Design Models
for having one of there terrific sculptor, Joe Simon, create this bust and base for guys like me to paint up.  
Joe's work never ceases to amaze me.  The quality and realize he puts into every piece is dead on for my
taste.  I also took the liberty of changing the color scheme of the creature.  Just like this color I'm using here
for our type, boring brownish/red,  So I spruced up using vivid contrasts of brownish/red colors and for the
mouth and ears, at least I think their ears, I chose a complementary green coloring.

I"m starting with a still of the creature from the original movie done in 1985.  I think you'll agree, my image of
what the creature should have looked like, color wise, is far more interesting than how they handled the
overall look of the creature.  
"What were they thinking?"
Now check out what I did.  I put down a dark brown/black base, shadowing for death and drama, and
took it to the next level by moving directly to the half tone shading highlights.  Then, I moved to the
mouth and ear thingies.  
Ha, they look like a shrivelled up piece of cabbage.  I do love the red in the
eyes, that's the best thing, in my opinion, of the their design of the creature.  Now, I'm even thinking that
the black of the eyes could have benefited with
dark green instead of the black they used, on the pupils.

I hope you like what I've done, and what I can do for you, if you decide to let me paint one up for you.  

This piece can be purchased on the
Geo sales page of this site.
created on
28th, 2010.
Thanks for checking out this my latest piece.  I hope
you come and visit for the next piece on my agenda
and all else.


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