Evil Ed
A Fright Night character.
Evil Ed.  What a character he was.  Talk about squeaky.  His voice could shatter
glass, it's at such a pitch.  I can't say one thing good about this character, or why
(except for comic relief) they chose this fella Steven Jeoffreys to play the part.  
He's down right unpleasant from my perspective.  Any the people at Geometric
Design decided it would be cool to create a bust of him, just the same.  Which is
so much cooler than the Ed from that 1985 flick, called Fright Night.

I did try and follow the colours used, they used for this character.  I think I've
pulled it off.
Enjoyed my paint up.  

This bust can be purchased,
painted or unpainted
on my sales page.
I hope you enjoyed every bit of it.

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