Scratch Build Diorama.

Piece completed on February 5th, 2012.

Size: 11" x 14".

Concept was designed using the
bust from Jimmy Flint Studio's.
Wanna laugh a bit.  That's what this piece is all about.  
Ever since I had this two inch high head sitting on my work
table, I was rattling off silly ideas ...
I just didn't know what todo with them.
Then one day, I said, "Let's take this
into my world of comic drawings and
see what comes of it."  If you know
me, you'd know that one idea
reverberates into another.  And
captions that give me a little giggle
... Cause laughing sometimes helps
the blues go away.  Coming up
with corny labels to tag up with the
items I drew in the comic.  By the
time the final diorama was well on
the way to completion I was falling
over other titles that I just had to put in too.  Like, "Looks
like a Bozo the Clown gauge to me." And then I thought,
who else would be better than to have Gene Wilder's voice
at the opening of this page,
"It's alive! It's alive!  It's
 I don't know if he would have approved of the
monster as a cyclops, but I do think he would have if just
for the "Ha ha." factor alone. Come on, this
deserves a
"LAUGH", don't he.  Now here's the final
piece below and close ups so you can read the gag signs,
just for the laugh of it.
the mad monster maker
Home Page
I hope you enjoyed some
of my strange sense of humour.

Why not check out some of the other comical things I've
done over the years.

Why they're monstrously
funny.  Why monster can't laugh.
Now here's some close ups so you can enjoy
what's funny, up close and personal.
Thought it would be a nice
touch to have a spinal
column and some gory
entrails (Painted strings)
dangling from his neck.

By the way, it was Jimmy's
idea to give our poor
monster only one eye, I think
he looks perfectly natural,
with only one eye. Don't goo.

I bet the Crypt Keeper
would think he looks just
fine the way he is.
OK ... I hope you had some laughs.
I think sometime soon I'll go back and create a bunch more
Creature toons.  And all those other monsterous id
"Oh yeah ... He looks
gooooooooood to me.