The Son of Frankenstein
The work began on this model May 20th
I drilled holes into the trees
where branches will go.
Here I've put wood putty
in between the trees.
Here I used trees from my park
to create the background.
The fence I made from tree parts.
I carved the grave stones from oak.
I decided to go with my pine and tree limbs
and branches instead of making a form from
this part created.   I then put the branches into
the holes I drilled in the limbs.   Alway trying
my best to match of texture to look realistic.   I
used more wood putty to thicken up the joints
between the trunk and the branches.
To create in my backdrop of a forest I
used deep blues and greens.   Then
mainly because I love bright vibrant
colors, almost surreal and again
impressionistic I covered the bark with
reds, oranges and yellows.   I wanted this
forest to be in stark contrast to the grey
cemetery with all of greys and browns.
The finished cemetery without the backdrop or Frankie.
Here's a cool shot of Frankie hanging
on the sidelines, before he's asked to
join our scene.
And here's the combination of our
forest and cemetery.
the mad monster maker from the village in the middle
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You need Java to see this applet.
This is they original concept
for this diorama, using the
Son of Frankenstein model,
built by Geometric Design.
It was created in Photoshop.
Below are some of the
production shots of this
Continued production on model May 28th, 29th and 30th
Production shots.