Fright Night
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January 4th, 2014
the mad monster maker
Here's 2 stills from the 1985 Fright Night flick.

I think mine of this bat creature is far more
convincing and must more frightful.

With a wingspan of close to 2 feet long
this is one impressive model to build up and paint.

Check out what I've done and see.
Now here's the bat with a bit of spice added
here and there.

It's fun to mess with what is.
High above the city
Moon flight
How do I
look in red
300 years
and still
no cavities.
My guilty pleasure on this paint up ...
Loving the effect of the veins and the wonderful
mottled coloring almost giving the wings a
stained glass look.  I'm very pleased with these results.

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Evil Ed


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Fright Night House

Page created
January 4th, 2014