The Kraken
The Clash of the Titan's.  One of Ray Harryhausen's best movies using many of his creations done for a flick.  
Here we have one of the creatures created for the flick.

I have a link you might like to go to one that has a complete
explanation through words and pictures from the original movie itself.

I hope you like how I've depicted this bust and base of the creature.  It's another sculpture by Joe Laudati
about 6" in height.  This is one of the models I'll be showing at the Chiller Theatre show comes next week.  
This also is another product produced  by the Geometric Design people.


the mad monster maker
the mad monster maker
I hope you enjoyed the
pictures and my paint up
of this wonderful creature
by Mr. Harryhausen.

You can purchase this
model unpainted
or painted
on my
web page.
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October 27, 2009.