Horror Comics
Without a doubt, this was great fun to do.  And it set my mind off in a
direction that is rewarding.  I'm already planning on others of this sort.  

My friend and I, when we were kids, bought 8mm copies of the trilogy,
The Creature from the Black Lagoon, The Return of the Creature and
The Creature Walks Among Us
.   Of course, our purchases, were only
the stories in a nutshell, but still a gas to watch them with our friends.  
On Saturday afternoons we charged admission to the other kids on the
block to come down my basement and watch all those flicks.  My
childhood is long far gone, but the memories still last with me till today.  
It's good to think of those days as fond and special as I do, it makes
today a little better than it would be without those memories.

I'm adding this piece today, February 28th, 2009.  I hope you come
follow this and all the other journey's I take you through from my mind.


the mad monster maker from the village in the middle
done sometime in February 2009
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the mad monster maker
What a wonderful creation he was.
Well ... Not to himself, but to us, the watchers of
his flicks.  He was brought back to life as a
monster, not knowing which way was up, nor what
any of his tomorrow's would be.

His image would last and will last way beyond my
life time.  With remake after remake and new
interpretations so diverse, I'm sure we question
where each new version originated from.

Then along came Mel Brooks, with his own take
on the monster and an original flick too.  Mel
couldn't have chosen a more perfect cast to play
the parts.  Peter Boyle fit the monster to a "T".  
He was goofy enough and serious enough to
make him genuine in all respects.  One of my
favorite parts in that flick, "Young Frankenstein"
was when Boyle was dancing to the music of
"Putting on the Ritz."  I just loved it to death.  So
here's my take off on that skit, but with my
cartoon I have the Boris Karloff monster, doing
the dance himself.  Oh yeah, he's no stiff... right.

Until my next cartoon adventure.  Enjoy ...
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26th, 2009.
Added the Frankenstein section on March 1st, 2009
And today, March 3rd, 2009, I'm
adding yet another cartoon to the
wonderful world of our creature at play.
Donated to Mr. Ostrander,
a noted comic artist,
for an operation for his glaucoma
Donated to Mr. Ostrander,
a noted comic artist,
for an operation for his glaucoma
Donated to Mr. Ostrander,
a noted comic artist,
for an operation for his glaucoma
I just loved doing these three Creature cartoons.  If
you can't laugh in life I feel it's a big no no.
Without a doubt I'll be other cartoons with the
Creature in odd and sometimes ingenious
I hope you get a few chuckles
and always come back for more.