Jason's duel with the Skeleton's
Acquired by The Museum of Monsters Myths and Legends
on November 24th 2009.
Concept originated on
May 28th, 2008 in Photoshop.

I took bits and pieces from the
web, reworked each skeleton to
my liking, then put it together
the way I imagined the scene
could be played out, as if it
were a scene from the movie.
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The cover of the book comes from an
illustration on front of the Monster in
Motion publication.  

I liked that idea so much that I
decided to incorporate it into my

Below you can see some of the
original scenes from the movie, "Jason
and the Argonauts.

Between the images from the movie
and this cover came the total concept
for the diorama itself.
October 6th, 2008
December 2008       The project is well under way.
I just couldn't resist the
addition of the rats to my
diorama.  I said to myself,
"Man, I've got to step it up
a notch.  Rats ... What can I
do with them."  Pausing for
a moment I lit into the idea,
"I'll make them a bit on the
animated side.  Giving
them a bit of a personality,
but not to  over the edge."
Here's a rat climbing up
from the back of the
platform.  I just love him,
it's just what a rat might do.
And here are some of the other
little guys just being rats.
November 2008             The dio is under way.
The base is built.  The first background is painted.
Little did I know that the diorama's background would
change 2 more times before I settled on a look.  
You've got to go with the changes in or head and be
honest with yourself if you're going to succeed with
what you're aiming to accomplish.

The Jason model is painted and the two of the
skeleton's are in place.  The decision has been made
to incorporate a total of 5 skeleton's into the scene.  
Breaking the models apart and repositioning them to
suit my taste.
Here's one of my favorites from the original
movie.  The skeleton climbing out of the
earth into battle.  

I also had a great time building the columns.  
Turning them down on the lathe.  

And making the stone base for the Jason
figure, another prop taken from the movie.  
That I made from a solid block of poplar and
used my Dremel tool to shape each stone and
give it the texture I felt it needed.
Here's some more angles from the diorama,
as it was.  It was great having so little to
hamper the close up shots I got at that time.  
I just wish they were in better focus.  
Early October, 2009.

I took time off from this project and didn't dig back into it until July of this year, 2009.

I'm so glad I put my camera in the washing machine, totally by accident, while doing my
"RIGHT!".  I bought a SONY Cybershot.  It's got 12.1 megapixels.  I guess that's
much better than what I used to have.  I'll let the pictures below give proof to that fact.

Here's the final backdrop.  A poster I found that I felt suited this scene to a "T".  I also added
trees between the base and the back drop.  I think it gives it the added depth it needed.  I put
them also, throughout the diorama, strategically placed for a more natural effect.

Here you can see the added skeleton's to complete the fight.  One added to the spiral staircase
I made.  One minus it's head.  Wobbling in a daze in the foreground, his head placed with
gapping mouth, at the foot of Jason.  

And the final one place in our scene charging into battle.

Well, this is it for now.  I've other fish to fry and I'm happy to say for now ... It's done.  
Anything can happen down the road.  An addition here or one there.  Time will tell.
And here's a shot of the
entire diorama as it stood
just about a year ago.  
Why don't you take a visit to the Tribute Page I built for Ray Harryhausen.
Without Ray and his work this diorama would never have come to light.
Thanks Ray for all the wonderful hours of joy and entertainment I added to my
life, because of all the brilliant things that you did.  Watching the films you
collaborated on and the incredible models others have made,
because of the amazing creations you made, in your time.