Jerry the Vampire
The Fright Night flick ... Thanks to Geometric Design and the wonderful sculpting
skills of  C. Elizard we are taken away to a place of fantasy and horror.  

If you haven't seen all of the Fright Night busts here on my site you deserve it to
yourself to take some time and check them all out.  And don't miss the Fright
Night House too.  The links are all at the bottom of this page.  Just click on the
image and away you go ...

Now check out the other pictures of Jerry.  I think I've captured the essence of
the monster and the horror he portrayed.
Here's an image of Chris Sarandon playing the part of Jerry
the main Vampire in the Fright Night original flick.  This is
who this bust was modeled after.
Now let's add to our fun
by getting up close and very personal
with beast at his best.
I hope you enjoyed Jerry the Vampire.

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Enjoyed my paint up.  

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Page created
May 2011.