The Jester
Here's a wonderful little bust (about 4" high)
designed and sculpted at Jimmy Flintstone Studio's.

I just couldn't help myself.
Taking advantage of some of the options under the program
Gif Animation Wizard was to tantalizing, not to do.
And I thought that "Spin" feature was perfect for our Jester.

Actually, I bought this bust for my son's car.
They sell it as a stick shift knob.
But I decided it was to precious and put it on a
simple wooden oak base.

I also changed the paint up of their paint up of a solid color'd hat
to a quad colour design.
To me, this is how a real Jester might look.

Below are some other views of our Jester.
One on my studio work bench;
one from the top of the hat;
one with its base.
Have a happy day
all you visual people out there.

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Page created on November 3rd, 2011.
Bust painted on October 30th, 2011