Killer Klown
from Outer Space
Page created
February 2nd, 2014.
What could be more horrible than a killer clown from outer space ... Very little.  
Stephen King did it with his clown Pennywise, in his book
Clowns are abstract and oh so very "Over the top."  It's not hard to give us the
opposite of what they were created for ... The jester ... The

"Killer Klowns From Outer Space is a 1988 American science fiction horror
comedy movie made by The Chiodo Brothers."

This is a wonderful sculpt done by
The Clay Guy.  Whose work is many, some
of which can be seen on my
dedicate to some of his work.

First check out some of stills from the KIller Klown movie,
just so you get a feel for craziest clowns ever made.  
I'm sure, if there ever was a remake of this timeless cult flick, and it was done
with a higher budget, using the exceptional technological graphics, a good
script, decent actors, and for heavens sake don't recreate the
Killer Klowns,
they're just perfect ... It would be a mega hit and more.
Now come enjoy The Clay Guy creation in
tribute to these clowns, my paint up, and my
photo compositions.  
I think the 3 marry together very well.
and here are a few photo compositions with titles . . .
a Killer Klown and his stored
people, in their candy cacoons
a Killer Klown and his friends
a little girl,
a Killer Klown,
& his ray gun,
at the circus
in the dark woods
there is a
lethal ray
I'm sure you'll never think
of a clown the same way again,
and why should you.
They're different as different can be.

I hope you enjoyed this page
and have a laughable day.


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