Killer Klown
in the toilet ...
Added June 29, 2014
OK, so he isn't cute and cuddly, but that's to be expected from
a Killer Klown ... If you had to wade through some one elses
poo, you'd look like this too.  OK, maybe not exactly like this.

Above is a shot from the epic movie,
Killer Klowns from Outer Space.

A friend gave me this Klown to add to add to my collection of
Killer models ... So what did I do, I stepped it up a notch and
created what you'll see below,
below these pictures, a
bathroom cubby created just for this
Killer Klown.
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June 29th, 2014
First I started by painting
the clown alone, then
creating, the dio itself.
Once the dio was created
I discovered I could only
shoot it from head on ...
You will understand once
you look at the dio itself,
thus the reason for these
Here's the dio, it was so much fun to
create, gathering all the elements that
suited this Klown to a "KK".  I loved
adding the steam pipe, the picture of his
Klown family in the rear and the toilet
paper, with paper spewing out of it.  
great fun to do.  

Hope you enjoy ...
OK, now how many angles do I have to
shoot from ... See what I mean, not many.  
It's the dio itself that creates the depth, it's
one of those forced perspective pieces,
even the ceiling is cocked inward and the
wallpaper is in perspective done in
Photoshop.  Rod Serling would be proud
of me ... You know, The Twilight Zone guy.

Check out the dio from the outside and
see, it's a trapezoid design.
the mad monster maker
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Aint he just da bomb ...
The overall size ...

12" wide x 18" high x 8" deep.

The clown in the toilet is 7 inches tall.