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June 23, 2015
And now for my paint-up of Mark Van Tine's bust with base.
I think I hit my mark with this paint up, capturing the essence of this poor demented
soul.  In the series, American Horror - Freaks, Twisty is known to be a friendly but
lonely sort, looking for love and acceptance in all the wrong places.
Finally, his mental rope is stretched to far, for him, suicide seems like a logical choice.
So ... Twisty botches up his simple suicide plan, to blow his head off with a shotgun.  
Instead, being mentally unravelled, his aim blew off the bottom half of his face ...
Thus, the need for a half mask, trust me he's better looking with it, than without it.

What happens to Twisty within the few episodes they gave?
Twisty is out of what mind he had left and stealing young kids seems to be the only
way he can get his captive audience.  
In my mind, this is one of the most horrific creations I've ever seen.

Thanks to Mark Van Tine, he's brought this character to life, through a wonderful
sculpture that capture the character to a "T".
The overall dimensions are 8" high.

Here's some pictures from American Horror - Freaks ... Meet Twisty.
Wont you come
and play with me.
"Can't you tell ...
I just want to play."
And now ... Some of Twisty's thoughts ...
Come on ... I know you were wondering.
"Want to smell my
pretty yellow flower."
"Oh little one, little one ...
I insist ...
You must stay for din din."
"For God sake ...   
Would you look at me,
when I'm talking!"
"Yes ...
Yes ...
I have feelings too!"
"So you think I'm mad ...
Do ya!"
The mad monster maker says ...

Until next time ... Sleep tight and don't let Twisty bite ...

Mawahahahahahahahahahahah ...