London After Midnight
God, I've never seen the flick, but the pictures alone send chills up my spine.  Below you have
the bust and the base produced by Geometric Design.  It was another wonderful project done in
the spirit it was intended.  As I painted this model I tried my best to convey the same sentiment
that Lon Chaney has captured in these black and white images.  I worked on the eyes and mouth
for quite some time.  I think I've captured the essence of the piece.  I think Mr. Chaney would be
proud of what I've done.
I hope you've enjoyed what I've done.  I sure liked doing it.

Now one more picture from the original flick.

If you have a vivid imagination like myself, this image will surely fuel the fire of
what nightmares are really made of.
the mad monster maker
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Pleasant dreams everyone.