Metaluna Mutant Bust Diorama
by Geometric Design
Sculpted by Joe Simon, 1/4 size.

Concept for diorama began on 6/25/2008 and is was completed by October 2, 2008

I had a great amount of fun created this little diorama for the
Metaluna Mutant bust.

Creating the little space ship, modeled off of the ship from the
original movie, This Island Earth.  I did it up in grand fifties
styling and feel.  Growing up in the 1950's gave me just the
edge I needed to pull this little gem of a dio off .  

I added the Earth below it, as the last piece of the dio.  I snatched
the beam shining down to Earth from the ships bottom core, just like they did in the original flick did very
little Photoshop work on this piece, just added the starry sky and a "whoosh" for effect.  
the mad monster maker
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I love the way the Earth
turned out.  I took as many research pictures as I
could find to get the same feel the Earth has from
above.  Then faced with the dilemma of "How do I
attach the darn Earth in the dio.  I tried string and
that didn't work, all it did was to make me have to
plug up holes I drilled in the ship for it to attach
to.  Silly right.  Then it came to me.  Just like in
the flick I'll create a beam shinning down to
Earth.  I like the pulsing movement I tried to pull
off.  It kind of looks like a yellow barber shop
pole, lol.
Now take a gander at the completed Metaluna
Mutant himself.  I worked hard on this one.  I think
he's the best I could ever make him.

I hope you like him too.
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October 2008.