Page created November 15th, 2011
A creature created by Stephen King
and featured in his book "It."
A creature that played
both sides of the coin.
                      Guess which Pennywise was the
real Pennywise.  Which one surfaced and stood
out above the other.  Read the book and you'll
find out.
the mad monster maker
This wonderful bust with base is sold at The Creature Lab.
This painter Stjepan Sejic's version of Pennywise the clown.
A 8 inch tall, double sided clown bust,
sculpted by the incredible, Maxence Fleuret.
This nightmare comes in 4 resin cast pieces.

I followed used a combination of the box cover done by Stjepan Sejic
for the faces and the TV movies costume colour for my paint up.
Here are a few other artists interpretation of a Pennywise character.
I really like these versions.
This is the clown played by Tim Curry in the TV movie.
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My latest work completed - 3 13 15.
Pennywise the Clown.
From Stephen King's classic novel "It" comes ...
This is Mark Van Tine's interpretation of
Pennywise the clown, in his environment.
This bust and base stand 10" tall.
Here are some photo compositions I made,
some inspired by King, some from my ID.
"Hey kid ...
I'm right
down here."
"It's damed lonely
down in this
stinkin' place!"
"I'lI eat those kids
down here!"
"I am Pennywise!"
"Do you fear me!"
"I am Pennywise!"
"You should!"
"Come take a balloon so we
can play together and be ...

Don't you want to be with me?
I'm so much fun ...
Hee hee hee hee hee ... ... ...