Freak Show
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Later to become the side show at some circus's, the "FREAK" was a
character to amuse and entertain, by we a watchful public.
This character masterfully sculpted by Mark Van Tine, as a bust with base,
depicts a sensitive soul, called Pepper.  This character was modeled after
the pin head people from the 1932 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
black & white classic . . . Tod Browning's production of

Before we go to our beautiful Pepper bust, let's visit the original.
Be mindful that these images, surely will be disturbing for any individual,
that calls them-self normal.  Count your blessings everyone, that you never
know these trials of the heart.  For these people had no choice but to deal
with their affliction and freakishness all of their lives.
Here's Tod Browning standing with the cast of his movie ...
Pepper was stylized after the pinhead hugging Browning.
Here are others who never made it to the silver screen, but surely
are horrific cases themselves ... Starting with the most famous
case in history ... The Elephant man ...
And now here are shots of the Pinhead freak, which again, the
character Pepper was modeled after, for the program American
Horror - Freaks, an FX original series, aired 2014.
These are shots of Pepper from the program.
Pepper first seen, from the program

AH, Asylum, which aired in 2013.
Believe it or not, this is the actress who played Pepper.
Now here's the sculpt of Mark Van Tine.  Overall size, just 8".
It's an outstanding likeness and feel of the character, from the
show.  A character I grew so fond of, over the 2 series that aired
in 2013 and 2015.  Her tender nature and sweetness came
through like spades.  I was so grateful to the writers to circle an
episode around Pepper's history, tears came to me, as I melded
into her life brought forth.  I think I've captured what I set out to
do.  I'm so grateful for Mr. Tine deciding to sculpt such a piece.
Mark Van Tine
Thanks for creating this
character, by far the best
character of that show,
thus far . . .