Page created on
November 30, 2011.
Born sometime
before 2005 till
November 30th, 2011.
I'm not going to bore you with the details of her death, but I'm going to celebrate
the glory of her life.  I truly believe she was sent to me to comfort me, like no
other before her.  To share my highs and not complain when life was bland or life
was low.  I've said it many times before, if you can't share of yourself ... What's
the bloody point.  "I'm gonna miss you deeply my dear friend and companion.  
You made my life a better place to be."  "See you in the Netherland.  I'm eager to
pet you again and feel your loving spirit beside me."

Please enjoy some of the pictures I took of her along our road together.  She
was the best girl Pit Bull I ever took pictures of.  For some of the pictures I
added a little blurb,
you know me and words ... Can't live without them.

                                                                            Your loving friend ... me.
Loved to rest her head on my knee.
Always yawning for a nap.
got a
Just another
lazy day in
the sun
She loved
the snow.  
Loved to eat
it all the time.
"Oh boy Daddy's shoes!"

"Smells good to me."
Loved to sleep on a comforter near my bed.
Here's the four poster bed I made for my Woofie girl.
And I never had to clean up
after her.  How's that for a
good, good doggie.
After a long walk
lying down anywhere
would do.
She always, always loved to be held, scratched, loved and loved the more.  Rub
her belly and she was in Heaven.  Her very favorite .,. Putting almost her whole
body in my lap.  She wasn't aloud on the couch, so keeping her feet touching the
floor was sticking to the rules, but stretching them a little.  I rubbed her head, she
closed her eyes and went to "LA LA Land", no problemo.  I always knew when
Pogo was beside me, cause she would sometimes, no ... To many times, let out
a little fart and I yelled at her, "Darn you dog.  That stinks, get that furry butt
outta here.  She'd slink out of the room with her tail between her legs, until ...
Two minutes later she'd sneak back and again was snoring peacefully by my side
while I worked at the keys.

"Dearest Pogo, I'm gonna miss that wagging tail of yours, when I came home you
brought me so much joy.  With greetings that were always genuine and loving."  
"I'm gonna miss your doggie smile and your tender nature."  "I gonna miss you
running around madly to get the toy I through across the room."  I'm gonna miss
you following me everywhere around the house, up the stairs, down the stairs,
where ever Daddy went the doggy followed."  "It's awfully quiet without her
around."  "Darn you ... I'm gonna miss everything about you."   "I miss you, I miss
y ... Well you know how much.  See you in the Netherland ... I'll be waiting for
that day with thoughts of ... Gotta a biscuit for you girl."  She knew exactly what
to do to get it.  She sat and gave me a high five or a paw to hand shake, when I
asked for it ...
Yeah, she knows how much I already miss her.  Love you girl.

                                                                      Your loving friend ... me.
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I suggest if you have a dog, you go scratch their belly.
They'll be happy that you did and you might love their reaction.

Have a nice day everyone