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Rick's PHOTO's.
The art of gray scale.
The art of color ...
Life as the Rickster ...
Just for the fun of it
And that's his doggie Zues, I'm so grateful to have them living in my basement.  
It's an ever flowing abundance of art and shared joy.

Well ... That's the pictures I chose from his picture album on Face Book.  Hope
you enjoyed it.  If you like it, you can go to his Face Book page and get hooked up
with his ever flowing pictures, done on a daily basis, from all sides of his mind.  

Reviewing his work makes me think of myself, and how I still am after so many
years doing art, from so many perspectives and angles of my personality.  I'm
excited for him, he's only scratching the surface of creativity and discovery.  I'm so
glad and grateful to be showing off his work.
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