Jack the Ripper
Page created
October 9th, 2012.
The Whitehall Mysteries.
With model, scratch built diorama and poem.
The Whitehall Mystery
Dismal night and horrid fright
that's what he brings for his delight.

Torn out flesh and insides too,
the people 'round have not a clue.

Nor police, nor the smartest ones,
can solve this mystery, not in the sun.

A sun that shines on this old street,
of broken buildings, where people meet.

Where passer-by's and vagrants too
live out their days as night ensues.

At night comes walkers with soulless trade
of selling bodies, yes men have paid.

And in this mix a gruesome fellow,
whose skin is pale and eyes are yellow.

Whose heart is blacker than a dreary night
whose mind delves deeper and that knows no right.

As he has done this blasted deed
unspeakable his soulless creed.

That his own words come with him now,
"I am true evil and I do know how."

"To cut you deep and take things that I do so want.
That satisfy cravings ... I can really haunt."

"I'll leave you thoughts you wish you never had
for I am monster, love to keep you sad."

Sad are the moments set here, in this Whitehall place.
Bleak are the daydreams, of your lonely space.

The beast not found is hiding for another one.
To cut, to slice, to dice .... It's like another pun.

That makes him laugh, inhuman, he's that horrid dream.
You can't awake, nor shake, you're stuck ... It's that in-between.

Wish you could see this to a different day.
But Whitehall Mystery never goes away.
Poem created
October 5th, 2012.
Project completed on
October 8th, 2012.

Model Sculptor: Neal Harvey
Scale: 1/8th
Producer of model: Killer Kits
I made the scratch built scene to be entered
and shown at the Chiller Theater model
contest October 2012.
"Some call me the Ripper!"
"Damn ... I've got blood on me ... Ha, ha, ha."
"It's down the drain with her blood ... Hee, hee, hee."
"When it comes to my things ... I am very possessive."
Some debris created for the scene. Taken from an archieved picture.
Rocks, broken lumber, a whisky bottle.
On his street.
"She's mine!"
"This my
Prue Evil!
I hope you've enjoyed what I've done.

. . .

This diorama was created to enlighten you
about the sinister side of life ... It's there, if you'd only look.

. . .

You can, if you choose, view the entire
WIP project here.  
This project was created at a time when I was home from work,
over a span of some 20 odd days.

. .

Below is a picture of the completed diorama
viewed from it's exterior, made out of solid pine materials.

. . .

Also below is a picture from of the Photoshop Composition
when this diorama was only a concept to be made.
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Winner - - - 1st Place
Sratch-built Diorama.
Chiller Theater 2013.
Winner - - - Peoples Best of Show
Sratch-built Diorama. Chiller
Theater 2013.