Self Portraits

A werewolf composition, now that's a fun idea.
Given the talent I've been blessed with, having fun with
my best model, "Me", was the natural thing to do.
The year was 1994 and here is the first gif file I ever
created.  From this point a whole new evolution of art
blossomed from my fun bag of tricks.
God, I hate being overweight.
I've been battling this issue ever since I got married.
Must be the curse of the married man.
Not that I feel you can let yourself go to pot once your married.
It's just that you don't have to worry about impressing the
wife once you've got her hook, line and sinker.
After looking at myself in the mirror for over twenty years,
and feeling like this, each time the pants don't fit.
Well I thought it good for myself to portray me
just the way I see myself in the mirror.   Sumo wrestler style.

I call this ... Fat me fat.
Image added October
13th, 1994
As a child my friends loved to play act monster movies.  So I thought to myself, that
it would be great to make me into the monster they always made me play.   So I got
some cool images from the old Frankenstein flicks.  I also got a bunch of terrific
lightning shots.  Then I took parts from photos I took of myself.  I took my eyes, my
nose, my mouth, my hair and composed Frankenstein and myself into
Image added
9 15 04
Can't believe this started out as a
picture of me.
I guess the Mr. Bill
in me really took over.
Image added 10 8 04
Bozo.  A clown created in the 1950's.
In my early teens, I was like any other normal
teen, trying to train my hair to comb back.  But
because it wouldn't cooperate, it stuck out on
both sides of my head.
My so called friends, made fun of me, calling
me Bozo.   Kids can be cruel.
Image added
9 15 04
I worked on this image after looking
at pictures of old people.  It really
affected me thinking how quickly
the years pass us by and how we
take it all for granted.  Curiosity
took hold of me and brought me for
a ride. Layer upon layer, adding
wrinkles and age marks.  What
appeared before me was an image
of who I might become somewhere
down the road.
Face it, it's a distinct possibility.
Image added 10 8 04

Need I say more.
Image added10 4 04
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Found this great shot of Bela Lagosi playing the count and I thought it
would be fun to add my own face and do it up as another self portrait.    I
contrasted up my face, darkened the eyes and color corrected the image to
match the rest of the image.   Then I said, woh, would it be a blast to make
myself turn into a bat ... I couldn't pass up that chance.
And with it, to wish everyone a Happy Halloween in the process.
Pumpkin's have always been an eerie way to depict this Halloween.  I got
into carving pumpkin faces and enjoying the moods the finished pieces
would make.  This year, I wanted to portray myself as a fearful soul who
gets caught inside the curse of a pumpkin.  Some kind of mood right.

This is how I saw it.  

Created the pumpkin man 10 13 04
Created October 27th, 2004
the mad monster maker
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