June 19, 2015
Telezar ... A being from another place ...
Perhaps a distant galaxy ...

Science now tells us, that there are more Earth
like planets out there, than we could ever
imagine.  Each holding the same building
blocks for life, as we know it: Air ... Water ...
And a sun like ours.
Making the fantasy of life in the Heavens,
more than a distinct and plausible possibility.  

So ...
Why not a being like Casey Love's Telezar ...
This being has as good a chance as any.
This wonderful sculpted bust of Telezar was done at 1/4 scale - Some 10" in overall height.
Here are pictures of the finished paint-up.
Now enjoy some Photoshop Composition
created just for Telezar, and my vivid imagination.
Some where
out there lives
an Alien on an
Alien world.
An Alien
under our
moons sky.
The Trio has arrived!