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December 21, 2014
The year ,,, 1958 and
audiences back then
loved to go to the movies
and have the B-Jesus
scared out of them.
Whether it was here in
the state or away in
some foreign land, the
message was always the
same.  Get your
girlfriend good and
scarred and for sure,
she'll snuggle you tight
The Blob immediately became
a cult hit.  They even made
records around it.  Look it up on
line, and you'll find oodles of
assorted goodies attached to
this flick.
Oh yeah, here's real life funny ... This is a real live fish, leave it up to nature to one up
the movie enthusiasts in the fifties.  A
BLOB fish, now that's some monster.  
Here's a wonderful little diorama, created by Dan Christleib depicting one the of the
memorable moments from that flick.  At only 10" square and 3" high, it really does the
job of capturing the tone of that era.
You gotta know this project wouldn't be complete
without creating a couple of compositions to add to the moment at hand.
This wonderful little gem can be purchased right on my Full Figures Sales Page.
Or ... I'd love to paint one up, for just you.

Hope you all enjoyed this time capsule back into the '50's ... I sure did.
the mad monster maker