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December 25, 2014
There's nothing pretty about this art.  It simply stems from
the things nightmares are made of.  Things we wish never
were, but are, and dwell in the dark corners of our mind, that
all demand to be impossible, even in a dream ... "Wake me
before I'm drowned and are torn to shreds by a beast . . .
JUST LIKE THIS!"  Meet The Chatterer a victim of his
own causing, flesh yanked over his face, that used to be
called features, and barbs set deep into its now gapping
mouth that is drawn taught into the rear of its skull, with
merciless metal wiring.  Horrific ... Unthinkable ... And yet ...
It is all to real, and for we who look upon this creature and
dare to open that Satanic box, that leads right to him and his
chamber of horrors ... It's just to damn bad!!!  He's got you
and he'll be more than pleased to sink his very rusty hooks
into you and tare, and tare, and tare, till there's no more flesh
to grasp onto ... Oh yes, this is the worst it can get.
Here are some images from the series itself ...
       The Hellraiser Tale ...
                     Here is he and some of his fellow demonic creatures of pain ...
Now I've been commissioned to paint this demon from Hell.  And have drawn
vision from these images as to how I would depict  him in paint myself.

Meet my Chatterer, sculpted by the very talented Joe Simon, at 1/4 scale and
molded in resin.   
Details of base ...
And 2 more painful compositions on this piece of work ...
In Hell's chambers
In Hell ...
Its fire is eternal.
the mad monster maker
This bust and base are on sale in our Geometric
Design Bust and Base Page on this site.
Hell Raiser
The Chatterer