The Color of Fear
Far off in another galaxy, aliens 'board a ship bound to another world.  A
place mapped out a century ago, but only set to travel, at this time in
history.  Our aliens have been other places, galaxies, planets and
always felt, hostel inhabitants, just didn't exist ... Perhaps they were
short of the truth ... Perhaps, it just didn't fit into their perspective ...

But this time they were destined to find
how wrong they've been.

On their saucer they brought: Geologists; Botanists; Archaeologists;
Doctors; a Map Maker and other logical for this type of expedition.  Their
aim ... To reach out to stars, in hope of another place to link minds with.

They traveled together, in a ship not built for war, for where they came
from, it was a place whose foundation was built on peace. For them, the
stars were a place where they found comfort.  For them, all of the other
civilizations they met, were the same ... Peace and tranquility.  Now, it
would b e different, feelings they've never experienced, one they never
thought would be out there, not in another galaxy, nor another planet.  
Here they were to encounter beings that changed everything they knew
and called normalcy. This place it was survival of the fittest, callous,
crewel, and dangerous creatures of the day and of the night.  They were
about to meet dark beings of a planet ... They were about to experience
things they never found on their time line. They are entering a place that
had fallen from paradise, into a place apply titled, the
color of Hell.

Emotions ... The color of fear, confusion, bewilderment ... These theyve
never experienced, they were feelings foreign to their every fiber of
being.  Look up your own face, how it changes when an unexpected
occurrence over takes you ... When a jolt of electricity from a foreign
body shocks you from the things you call normalcy.  Animals have their
way of displaying it, some can blend into the surroundings, camouflaging
themselves within the foliage, a body of rocks, the sand under their
feet.  Insects do it, fish do it, chameleons do it ... Do something out of
the ordinary, tell pretty girl, that she is ... Well beautiful ... And you might
blush.  Have anger over take you, and find yourself turn red.  Fear, and
some will tell you, "My God what's happened, you're as
white as a
"  So it is with these alien beings, although they never knew they
had this side in their physical make up, it was about to come to the
surface of their skin.

Their space craft extended its landing gear, putting down on an
overhang of rock, above a valley.  At first glance there was nothing out
of the ordinary to be seen, except for rich deposits of precious metals,
that gleamed and glittered against the nights starry sky.  In there own
native tongue, they spoke,
sounding with clicks and lingo none of us could call speech.  They
communicated, "All is in order ... Our research team can move to the
surface of the new world."  A ladder slid down, from the ship, over the
cliffs shelf, then found bottom.  Each of the aliens climbed down from
the ships door to the surface below. Then the first unexpected event
happened, they found fossils tossed from place to place, unsightly
remnants of odd looking creatures, creatures with large,sharp teeth,
teeth surely not designed for the foods they were used to eating, these
were creatures they were unfamiliar with, nor could categorize as
anything they've seen before.  These teeth were from some extreme
carnivore, the teeth of a killer.

They thought, "Bring forth our paleontologist, maybe he can make some
sense of this."  He came immediately, and he like them was stymied by
what he now held in his hands. "The only creatures I can relate this to, is
the ones found on the third planet from the sun, of galaxy 3492.  That
was a planet with a atmosphere liken to this, and has life forms like this
too ... There see ... That is a snake slithering out the water, that too is a
gruesome carnivore.  But I am unfamiliar with this type in my hands,
being so large, with teeth bared for attack ... That my friends is beyond
my comprehension."

They began their work, trying to make sense of what was one the
surface.  Next to one of the skulls, lay a derelict ship, strange stripes
and stars adorned it ... What planet, what beings came here before
them, another set of explorers, and what could have caused there
certain demise?   Another part of a ship, in another place on the site,
bore similar emblems, laid torn in half, rusted and had vegetation
growing upon its hull and torn parts.

For the moment, all seemed right.  Holding to their beliefs and staying to
the normal colors and shade of blue, purple on their skin ...
All felt calm ... All felt at peace.

Then ...

Off to the side there came a growl, a roar, most agitated and quite out
of place, something from their own history, they could make sense of.   
Its volume escalated, now you could hear the sounds of footsteps
drawing closer and more ominous by the second.  From around a rock,
a sight they've never encountered, came into view.  Immediately, the
alien facing the creature, skin tone began to darken, shifting from his
front, in a swirling design, right to his middle back. He had never seen
the classic face of a dinosaur, he was frightened as he never has been
before. His color continued to shift, from reds to orange to the strangest
brilliance of yellows of the universe.  Then the leader, who was highest
on a rock, was looking straight ahead, he turned to see what it was that
caused his friend to be in such a state, that could cause his coloring to
change.  Now, he too was caught in the grip of fear and bewilderment ...
He too began to change color,
from calm blue shade to the bright colors of fear itself ...
Fiery yellows.

Off to there left another encounter was happening, but this time from up
above ... There was a group of creatures that happened upon the scene
and were making a ruckus of their very own.  Flapping their bird like
wings and cawing at each other, as if to be communicating a plan of bad
intent.  The geologist leaned back, startled by the group above, he fell
upon the ground, his skin crawled and shifted color at such a rate, that
one would never known that he was blue at all.

There leader did his best not to panic, or shift color, and although he did,
it was not like the others, he kept himself in check commanding all in
harms way, to make there way to the ladder, and the safety of the
saucer.  Almost tripping over each other, they made there way to the
ladder, up into the ship and safety.  There leader blurted out the words,
"Get us the hell out of here toots sweet."  And so the pilot did ...

Now, light years away from this horrific scene, they reflected on their
day.  Everyone was blue again, they all knew nothing would ever be the
same again. There view of a peaceful universe was shattered, as they
looked down at their pale blue reflections in a mirror.  The leader
commented, "Be grateful for our normalcy, and calm shades of color.  
We now know, that we have a side quite different than we are used to.  
We now know, that in our universe lurks beings so different and alien to
us, like we've never know.  Sleep peacefully my friends and stay blue,
for our colors are safest place to be."

The End

I hope you enjoyed my little tale, now come and see the diorama I
created, that inspired my thoughts, to write a tale like this.
Page designed and wrote August 7th, 2015.
The Color of Fear
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