The Living Monster
Page created April 25th, 2014.
The scene ... An eerie night, filled with dark dim colors, bleak and tortured, leaving
nothing to the imagination.  Dismantled, limb from limb, joint from socket, cut and
twisted tendons, torn and mangled ligaments ... These are moments, even a monster
shouldn't have to endure.  
"What if the Frankenstein Monster were real?"

If you stripped away the fantasy bits of the story (namely resurrecting a dead corpse) and focused on
the real and possible grafting of limbs to a living subject... What if there was this soul-less surgeon
operating out of a basement surgical lab (sometime in the past)... And he was trying to become the
first surgeon to perfect the technique of grafting limbs and internal organs to a live subject. Cruel and
unnecessary surgery upon a hap-less victim, possibly a homeless individual, or condemned man.

I envisioned this man who would have mis-matched limbs, his torso covered in many, surgical
procedures (brain surgery, torso procedures, etc).   All of the wounds would be in various stages of
healing as this would have been going on and on for a long time.
Strapped to a table with little to no anesthetic.

I copied and pasted this text from the sculptors website.
This sculpt is 1/8 scale and it's one of the most intriguing pieces I've ever done.
Some detailed pictures of the mad doctors surgical tools and an amputated arm,
lying in wait for attachment.
Meet the doctor.
the mad monster maker
And here it is altogether.
"How would you like that ...
Bloody rare I think."
And here it is altogether.
"But it's only an arm."
"Trust me, you'll like the
other arm so much better."
"Stop trying to talk with
your mouth full."
"Now, now, this wont
hurt a bit."
"I promise, with potatoes
and string beans this will
be delicious."
"My goodness it that a
mole on your nose!"
"When I get free I'm gonna
beat you with my left hand,
then I'll beat you with my
other left hand!"
This model was created in 2011 by Adam's Custom Model's
Overall size: 14 w X 12 h X 12 d.

After this piece was delivered to the customer, I got this response.


It looks like a gothic Vermeer painting come to life!!!  It's grusome and
beautiful at the same time--I couldn't have asked for a better job!!!!

And thank you for that nice note on the bottom ... This is one of my absolute
favorite pieces ... And I have a few!!

How can I ever thank you, Rich--
really--it's been a pleasure!