Tor Johnson
Plan 9
From Outer Space
No doubt, the flicks from those B rated sci-fy/horror/monster movies in the 1950's were
over the top with schlock bit part actors, from Bela Lugosi, John Carradine, Lon Chaney
Jr., to Tor Johnson, himself.  Though their combined body of work may not live forever,
the characters they portrayed and lived on the screen will surely last an eternity.  
Fortunately for me, I was around, as a child, in the era when these men were the
creatures and mad doctors in many of these Black and White flicks.  

I just got finished painting a tribute piece to Tor Johnson, from the Black and White
"Masterpiece", lol, Ed Woods flick,
"Plan 9 from Outer Space."  Thanks to the Internet,
I keyed in Tor's name and came out with a load of ace pictures from those by-gone days
and movies.  For guys like me, who does remember those days, watching these flicks on
my 9" screen in Black and White, well ... It's a walk down memory lane.  

Enjoy ...
Tor in a scene
with David
Tor off camera horsing
around with
David Carradine,
Lon Chaney Jr.
and Bela Lugosi
Having Tor
for dinner.
The pictures below ... Are Tor at his finest.
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July 27, 2014
Here's the Piece I painted.

Sculpted by Dan Cristlieb, at only 4" high, by 7" 'round,
it does a marvelous job of capturing the essence of that time
period in film and of the actor himself.  

Here we find Tor Johnson climbing up from the grave.
the mad monster maker
Tor by Moonlight