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January 12th, 2014
YMIR - Another wonderful creation from Ray Harryhausen's vast
collection of creatures. No doubt, he created some of the best classic
sci-fi and fantasy characters of his time.

The movie, made in 1957, is a classic in its own right.
Using this sculpture to our right and stop motion animation, Ray was
able to bring this creature to life.
He also took advantage of the magic of blue screen technology and
layering the creature with the actors, scenery and props making the
effect of this tiny little sclupture growing to an enormous size.  At one
point in the film,  battles with another sculpt Ray made of an elephant.

Take a look at some of the posters for the film, and some of the
original stills from the flick before you check out the paint up I've done
of the wonderful full figure model and base from Geometric Design.
Here is my paint up of this resin sculpture,  
The overall size of the figure and the rock base is 13" high.
Photo compositions.
In the dim
with the beast
is near
Night time
is upon him
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