Zanti Misfit
Let's face it, the Outer Limits, the original series, had some of the most creative, zaniest, out of this world creatures created for it's
time.  The 1970's saw, through the minds eyes of writers and sculptors ... Well ... What you see before you now.  This episode
was named, "Zanti Misfits" and I think I'll let my gathering of images from the original program do the job for itself.  
Added June 2nd, 2014.
This is my choice of palette, since the program was in black in white, I can only use my vivid imagination.  I also chose to focus on
the those huge eyes, and add color
similar to my eyes, instead of the solid black orb used in the show.
After viewing the image from the show of the antie crawling up an actors arm ... Well ... You gotta know I wasn't going to pass the
opportunity myself to have fun with this creature from yesteryear.  I put on my funny man thinking cap, grabbed this very unique
alien being, picked up my camera, pointing it at myself, I let it flow ...  That very evening I ran into Kristie, a very open minded lady
friend of mine, showed her the pictures I took and was delighted to see her glow and chuckle at the funny man's brand of humor.  
Between me and the creature ... Well we had some fun at mine and its expense.  Certainly, something I can well afford.

Hope you enjoy what I did.
To our right are the makers of this fun Outer Limits creature.

The sculpt was done by a fella called Jeff Soroney, or something or
other.  Sorry Jeff, I just can't read it from the box art. Scale ... Well I
believe it's a 1 to 1 scale, the size they used on the program itself.  
Maybe 10" long or so or so ...

Until our next adventure in the inner mind and the Outer Limits ...

Don't you dare change that channel ... I am in control ...

Believe me or just maybe I'll send one of my little Misfit buddies to visit
you in the middle of the night.  
the mad monster maker
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