Predator Bust
created on
November 1st,
Up close and personal
Way to close
for comfort.
Mandibles like this
were created for only one thing.
And it wasn't
to give us a kiss.
Any which way
you look at him,
he's one creepy creature.
Thanks to Geometric
Design for producing this
wonderful bust and base.
And to Joe Simon f9or
sculpting it, at 1/4 scale,
I've gotten to assemble and
paint it.  I loved every
second of the time spent on
its work up.  Without a
doubt it's a quality piece of
work end to end.

So why not check it out
from all the different
angles I could shoot of it.
Well I hope you enjoyed my page.
If you like you can purchase the
unpainted bust and base on my
sales page


on that same page, you can purchase it
painted up just to your liking.
In the original flick the Predator was a
brown creature.  Me, I think of this guy
more as a
lizard green sort of monster.
But trust me, when it comes to monsters
or aliens, you can't go wrong changing
the color scheme to anything you like.

I don't.
the mad monster maker
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